Climate-Controlled Self-Serve Pet Wash

We all love our pets, but most of us dread when it's time to bathe them.  Well now bathing your furry friend has never been easier!  Auto Craze locations have a climate-controlled, self-serve pet wash room that's open seven days a week from 7am-10pm that features two professional, waist-high grooming tubs with easy access ramps.  Simply bring your pet and a towel for the ride home, and everything else is provided for you!  Our pet wash features include warm water, vet-grade shampoos and conditioners, tub disinfectant and professional groomers' dryers.  The cost to start is $10 for ten minutes of time; and while the timer is running you can purchase additional time as needed.  Payment options include cash, coin and all major credit cards.  Just more aching back or sore knees at bath more nasty, smelly bathroom to clean….no more wet dog smell in the house....and no more pet shampoos to buy!  Save gas, save time and save money by bathing your pet at an Auto Craze pet wash today!

Pet Wash Instructions

  1. Clean Tub: Before pet enters, clean tub with disinfectant and rinse out well if desired.
  2. Shampoo: Use any of our 4 vet-grade shampoos.
    • Tearless Shampoo: Apply generously to pet's coat & rub in with hands. Avoid pet's eyes, ears and mouth.
    • Oatmeal Shampoo: Apply generously to pet's coat & rub in with hands. Avoid pet's eyes, ears and mouth.
    • Flea & Tick: Apply generously to pet's coat & rub in with hands. Avoid pet's eyes, ears and mouth.
    • Deodorant Shampoo: Apply to pet's coat & rub in with hands. Leaves your pet with a pleasant smell. Avoid pet's eyes, ears and mouth.
  3. Rinse: Rinse pet's coat thoroughly after shampoo application.
  4. Untangle: Using out conditioner, apply generously to pet's coat & rub in with hands. Leaves your pet's coat smooth & soft. Avoid pet's eyes, ears and mouth.
  5. Rinse: Rinse pet's coat after conditioner application.
  6. Dry: Hold dryer nozzle 6" - 10" from pet's coat. For faster results, rub pet's coat with hand while drying.
  7. Please Clean Tub: To respect the next tub user, collect hair around drains and throw in the trash can.

Pet Wash Rules

  1. Pets that are aggressive toward other people or other pets are not allowed on the premises.
  2. Pet must always be on a leash when not restrained in tubs.
  3. Slippery/Wet conditions are present. Use Caution!
  4. Shoes must be worn inside. No exceptions!
  5. No smoking inside please.
  6. Doors automatically locks at 10pm but can be opened from the inside. Customer must exit the Pet Wash by 10:30pm.

Auto Craze Car Wash, Inc., its owners or employees shall not be held responsible in any way for injury or damage to pets, their owners or care takers. Enter premises and wash pets at your own risk. And remember, your pet is your responsibility

For questions or comments, please click on the Pet Wash Inquiry tab above and fill out the form or call 678-776-4418

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